GGC Panel Parity Pledge

We/I _______________________________ support the GGC Panel Parity Pledge.

The GGC Panel Parity Pledge is both a concrete process and a thoughtful internal and external exercise for the conference organizer and potential panelist. The reflective nature of the process should ensure that there is a conversation each time a panel is composed, and that the process of including high performing dynamic female experts will eventually become reflexive, rendering the “GGC Panel Parity Pledge” obsolete.

  1. What is the conference organizer doing to ensure gender balance at their event?

  2. Are there any women, or are there equal numbers of women and men, speaking on the panel/s?

  3. (If not) Will the organizers commit to reaching out to additional experts in order to strive for gender balance on the panel?

Download a Printable Copy of the GGC Panel Parity Pledge